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ASHE Workshop with O'Shea Builders

Ellie Kasparie
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O’Shea Builders hosted a two-day American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) Healthcare Workshop in collaboration with the Central Illinois Chapter of Healthcare Engineers (CICHE). Local trade partners, healthcare professionals and the O’Shea team were all in attendance for a refresh in healthcare construction.

This workshop covered the healthcare planning, design, and construction process; Life Safety Code® compliance; construction risk assessment; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems (MEP); medical gas systems; medical technology; communication; and project expectations. It gave all of the attendees an understanding of the latest compliance issues in healthcare construction and an opportunity to learn what owners, staff, and patients expect of constructors working in the healthcare environment. This workshop helped attendees identify necessary strategies to successful risk assessment before, after and during construction, including steps to infection prevention. We also discussed mitigation, management, and documentation of the healthcare construction processes.

As a leader in the healthcare construction industry, continuing education and staying up to date on the latest technologies are important to the O’Shea team.

We’d like to thank ASHE and CICHE for providing the content, as well as Edge Guard for setting up a demonstration anteroom unit.