O’Shea Builders

Let’s Build Something Together

At O’Shea, your job is not just a job. And working here is not what you’d expect from a construction company.

Whether we’re constructing spaces for healing, teaching students, or serving customers, O’Shea is driven to help our clients accomplish extraordinary things. And that only happens because we’re building an extraordinary team.

Growth Opportunities

We understand that when we work with others who share our passion for construction and for continuous improvement, we make each other better. Working in the trades industry brings high-paying, stable jobs with opportunities for advancement.

O’Shea offers professional development training and workshops at our very own O’Shea University and through other local and global opportunities. Our employees are able to participate in world-class programs such as Superintendent 2.0, Field Excellence, and LEADS.

Because of our dedication to ongoing education, we’ve earned global recognition as a leader in employee training and development. O’Shea is one of only 100 organizations in the world to be named an APEX Top 100 Training organization by Training magazine two years in a row.




Office Careers

Our office team can be summed up in one sentence: we’re good at what we do, and we have fun doing it. You won’t be waiting for 5:00 every day when you’re at O’Shea. Isn’t that a refreshing change?

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Field Careers

Working at O’Shea is the field career you’ve been dreaming about: collaborating on a variety of innovative projects, honing your craftsmanship, and working alongside the best of the best.

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Forget about spending your days making copies. Kickstart your career in construction with an internship at O’Shea, where you’ll get to experience both the field and the office, improve your skills and learn by actually doing.

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